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Hospitality marketing should be fun, imaginative, and memorable. They’re selling aspirations, experiences and emotions. That’s what makes ho-hum advertising especially painful in hospitality: rather than reflect the possibilities, it comes across as derivative. Or worse: joyless, lazy, or tired. These are most definitely not three adjectives you want anyone to use to describe your property!

One of the easiest, most effective ways to combat repetition in marketing is to turn to your customers for inspiration. The images and videos guests share on social media about your property, as well as their reviews, are a direct line into how your property is perceived and experienced.

On Property Engagement 

Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami is the ideal destination for the modern explorer seeking the finest beach, endless exploration and social experience in a premier destination to create content.

The Hyatt Centric installed an always-on Stori Cam in the lobby to engage with their guests, leaving them to create a fun digital souliver branded to the property to be shared on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag, #hyattcentricmia.

The Hyatt Centric
South Beach Cam

Branded Experiences

Automate the creation of branded content at scale.

We leverage guest content to nurture our brand.

Michelle CardonaGeneral Manager

A New Revenue Opportunity with Event Rentals

Ownership of a StoriCam opened a new revenue opportunity for the special events division. We coached the staff on the best practices to rent a photo booth and assisted in the marketing by launching a dedicated sales web page to rent the photo booth. 

The Kimpton Allegro in Chicago chose to go with the modern StoriCam Ring Master with the mirror face.

Hotel Wide Conferences

The Hyatt Regency in Santa Clarita, CA hosted a bridal show where they showcased their photo booth offerings. The showcase resulted to increased bookings for their booths.

Showoff the ❤️ on big screens

An entertaining, inspirational social media TV was installed in the lobby to share the stories from other guests occuring within the property and inspire more posts. By displaying the social media feed with authentic content created by the guests, Hyatt Centric South Beach has increased the social media awareness it has on Instagram and time spent on the property discovering and recreating the photos they saw in the lobby.

Online Engagement – Social Proof

The quickest way for your hotel to access social proof is via social media networks. These same networks are also the fastest venue through which to build your property’s social proof. South Beach’s Hyatt Centric Hotel is well aware of this, having successfully created one of the most attractive Instagram campaigns in the Miami hotel industry.

The collection is from hotel guests sharing the authentic story on social media via the hashtag #HyattCentricMIA, the property uses Stori to aggregate the media and curate it to online and on-property experiences.


The brands mentioned have reported an increase in bookings with new guests referencing a social media post from a friend or influencer who inspired the discovery of the property.
Other milestones include:


Guest Engagement


Opt-in Data Collection


Social Media Mentions

How to Can I Leverage Stori In My Hotel?

While adopting new technology can seem intimidating, it’s actually easy to get started with Stori. Stori products require no technical resources, and is easy enough to use that marketers can self-setup a plethora of campaigns, and switch out content agily.

For example, a hotel may want to promote a partnership with Uber. It’s easy to set up Stori to inform guests about ride-share services, provide information about places to go eat in the area in the emails that are delivered with each selfie. This is a perfect example of a campaign that can benefit hotels and partners alike.

The ability to run creative campaigns with a form factor that gets attention gives brands an enormous opportunity to fuel brand loyalty and revenue growth by engaging guests and leaving them with a digital souliver for your property they can shar eon social media to friends and family.

Contact us today for a demo and we’ll send you a discount code to use when you’re ready.